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Villeroy & Boch Christmas Toys Large X Mas


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Villeroy & Boch Christmas Toys Memory X-mas tree large with children

Create a sentimental and cosy aura all over the entire home with Villeroy and Boch’s Christmas Toys Memory Christmas tree music box. The item is ornately completed with an artistic decor. Great for collectors, given for a present as well as for decoration.

Material: high quality, hard porcelain and can be cleaned with a damp cloth
What are you buying: 1x Villeroy & Boch Christmas Toys Memory music box “Christmas Tree” (30 cm),
Colour: white/green

Nostalgic music box in the shape of a large fir tree with children.
Create an unique, magical Christmas touch at your home
Musix box play the classic “O Christmas tree” for a festive atmosphere, Decorative painting in Christmas colours
Can be combined with Christmas Toys, Toy’s Delight and Toy’s Fantasy, Thanks to Christmas gift packaging it is also suitable as a present