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1 hr

Sorrel Soup Recipe

Very quick and easy sorrel soup recipe – perhaps simplified a bit more than my grandma used to cook it but hey – still tasty. 

1 hr

Mutton Soup Recipe

Yet another old yet great tasting recipe. This time it’s mutton (lamb) soup recipe. Put the broth on the bones and on the mutton, which 

15 min

Mackerel Deviled Eggs

These eggs are known under many names: deviled eggs, stuffed eggs, Polish stuffed eggs, Russian eggs, dressed eggs and so on. In this recipe however 

1 hr

Velvet Coffee Cheesecake

Rather straightforward to make but delicious and velvet smooth coffee cheesecake. You will need to prepare 21cm baking tray .A non-stick baking tray will help 


Keto Royal Meatballs Recipe

Simple yet delicious ‘Royal’ keto meatballs. For non keto you may replace psyllium husk with breadcrumbs (or old water softened bread). Ingredients list with this