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Welcome to the shopping section! As you can see we are building our products section at the moment. We’re going to fill these pages up with pure goodness, only good stuff.

We’re going to use this place as our recommendation for only good food and being frank with your as personal database and shopping list for the tastes from childhood. Probably I will scribe some post about this to shed a little bit more light on this idea.

In the meantime check out the products and enjoy.

Heads up

Few words about the shopping cart and checkout process.
You can purchase any products we do mention on this section either by clicking on the “country button” so you will be redirected to Amazon UK immidiately  or you can browse the catalogue for cool items, check the deals we have found for you and once you proceed to checkout you will be redirected to Amazon later where you can safely complete your purchase.

Just so you know…

…we are an Amazon affiliate.

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