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Intially That Food Recipes site was set up to publish recipe. Eureka genius – you may say! Well it turned out to be our little space for personal recipes and home and decor related stuff. Who know what else it’s going to be. If you dear visitor, same as we here, looking for some cool rustic / traditional stuff, whether it’s going to be recipes or home and decor inspirations please feel free to continue browsing the site. 

We’re going to share the stuff we like, so you can be sure it’s genuine. Of course we may use some affiliates links here and there to help us keep this site running but it’s gonna be stuff either we buy ourselves, wish to buy or appreciate 🙂

  • Golden Glamorous French Style Christmas Interior Design

    Golden Glamorous French Style Christmas

    Very inspiring, warm and glamorous home interior design for Christmas...

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  • Outside the cabin

    Outside the cabin

    Cabin in Yoho National Park, Lake OHara, British Columbia by...

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  • Traditional Christmas Decoration Ideas

    Traditional Christmas Decoration Ideas

    Summer is officially here, however for some reason I am...

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