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Herring Appetizer Ingredients

  • 200g herring fillets (salted, matias)
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 bunch spring onion
  • 10 sprigs fresh dill
  • 4 tbsp mayonnaise

Salty Herring Salad Recipe

Super easy Herring fillet salad or perhaps I should call it appetiser. Start with eggs while you be preparing all other stuff. Hard boil 3 eggs. Cut herring fillets into 1-2 cm pieces. Chop spring onions (scallions), bunch of fresh green dill. You can reduce the amount of dill if you got yourself a dill version of marinated herring fillets even by half, it’s up to you.
Once you portioned your herring, chopped your dill & spring onions it’s time to add some garlic. 1 clove of garlic to be exact, peel, chop or use press for your convenience. Peel off and dice eggs and dice earlier boiled eggs. Chop them nicely into small ‘cube’ like shapes.

How to Chop Eggs

If you new to cooking, preparing meals then the easiest method would involve wire egg slicer. Using knife is pretty easy too – slice them into 1/2 cm slices lenghtwise, lay slices flat, then cut across into cubes. Kind of feeling idiotic writing this but I felt if some beginners may need this, who knows. (can’t believe I wrote it)

Finalising the Herring Fillet Salad

Coming back to this omega 3-rich herring salad recipe (keto friendly obviously)… Just mix all the ingredients now, add some good quality mayonnaise, possibly the one you made yourself 🙂 I wish I would do it more often. Enjoy it on nice crispy slice of bread or simply as salad or on keto bread.

Useful Info About Salty Herring

Useful sites about salted herring. Of course fill free to dig the topic
https://www.slowfood.org.uk/ff-products/scottish-salt-herring/ – Scottish herring comes mostly from Northern Sea and are a bit bigger IMHO so there may be a slight difference.
http://www.dlc.fi/~marian1/gourmet/herring.htm – Nordic herring (Baltic herrings are slightly smaller). Anyway, you can try to cure the herring yourself in salt. You can get the whole one, freshly caugh from your fishmongers (fillet it yourself or ask them to do it for you). Then salt it and put it in a bag, leave it in the fridge for 24-48h, then rinse the excess of water and your done. Curing methods vary and to be honest there are many different approaches. So please note that what I wrote is a simply brief version of what needs to be done. I strongly recommend you to do your own research and double check the process. And don’t forget to rinse the salt off and soak it in cold water after curing as it will be devilishly salty.

If you cant get salt cured or Matias style herring fillets you can get the dill version for example on the Fish Society website.

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