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Grilled oscypek is great starter food or break food. Firstly I should actually tell you what oscypek is - it's smoked cheese specific for Tatra mountains only, made from salty sheep's milk.


  • 4 pieces Oscypek, Tradiotional Polish Smoked Cheese, small or smoked cheese
  • Cranberry Sauce

Since 2007 oscypek is registered and trademark as regional cheese made from centuries made in Polish side of Tatra mountains region of Poland. That said there was a dispute with Slovakian who also who also make similar smoked cheese but with different proportions of ingredients.

About Oscypek, Polish Traditional Smoked Cheese

It’s salty cheese, smoked made from regionally sourced sheep milk. It comes in many in quite few varieties, and definitely shapes. It comes in beatiful shapes though – see image below.

There is not much about that dish, if you can call it proper dish, it’s more like snack or break food, sometimes in Polish restaurants and bistros served as starter 🙂 So if you haven’t been in Krakow or Zakopane or Podhale region, time to go there and definitely try Oscypek.

The whole secret lies in properly chosen smoked cheese – oscypek – it can’t be too salty (some varieties are) and definitely it’s better to choose more dehydrated version, as more runny will be more difficult to BBQ 🙂 Definitely you should grab more smoked version – there are lightly smoked as well.


Traditional Oscypek smoked cheese being sold in Krakow, Lesser Poland. Please note different varieties and shapes.

Market stand with Oscypek Smoked Sheep Cheese. Look at the shapes and patterns . Pic. M Kelly / CC

Market stand with Oscypek Smoked Sheep Cheese. Look at the shapes and patterns . Pic. M Kelly / CC

You may ask where you can get Oscypek smoked cheese if you like me don’t go to Poland. Well you can buy Oscypek smoked cheese from Zakopane on Amazon (UK) or buy in one of the Polish Deli Shops in United States. Alternatively you can use other smoked cheese but the final result may not be similar as oscypek has a quite specific taste (a bit salty). Not sure whether you can get it on Amazon US but you can try different varieties such as smoked Raclette. With Raclette you could use eggwash and breadcrumbs and fry it.

Preparation Method

  1. Heat up BBQ
  2. Place small 4 small oscypek sheep cheese (should say oscypki) on BBQ and grill it until soft (not too runny) from both sides. If you have bigger oscypek, then cut it to approx 1cm thick slices and grill it until cooked through.
  3. Serve with home made cranberry sauce – supermarket one will do too

I know, it’s more tip on how to grill smoked Oscypek cheese rather then proper recipe. However I though I will share it with you as this is totally worth trying.

Alternatively, if weather is no good try fry it in regular pan, rather then using grilled pan and fry it evenly on both sides until cooked through (soft but not runny).

Buy Oscypek Smoked Cheese in United Kingdom

Image Credits: CC / Garret Ziegler; Monika Kelly / CC 

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