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Top Christmas Home Decoration Ideas in 2020

Top Christmas Home Interior Design Ideas 2020

How to decorate home in Christmas. We are sure you are wondering the same question this year too. With Christmas Holiday season approaching fast we are throwing in a few Christmas home decoration ideas for you over here. We are all busy with our lives and sometimes it’s hard to find right inspiration.


What are Christmas decoration trends in 2020?

Pastels (aka Pastel Love),  golden themes are still in fashion. Impressionism and Renaissance theme are the hot newcomers to the Christmas decoration themes. According to for example John Lewis. (see here)

Fot. Renaissance theme from John Lewis.com

Photos by Vitbis.com – Christmas decoration manufacturer

Well, We are not saying the examples we gave you are trending – simply they look good and are more generic. If you are shopping however for trends there are few noteworthly appart from good old classics – Frosty Morning aka Frosty White theme. If you are for artificial tree then you sould consider these themes. They could work in Shabby Chic, Whitewashed home interiors.

Shabby Chick or White washed interior. This one goes more into rustic/shabby style. However Christmas tree decoration stand out because of the turquoise blue color. Again safe side home interior as only shades of blue and white go for tree whereas golden elements for the candleholders and picture frame. Everything complimented by the blue wall.


‘French Mansion’ White or Bright Christmas Home Decor Design

Turquoise ornament decoration in white French styled home interiors work quite well in our opinion so you may consider this. Again for bright interiors or French riviera colours interiors you can use the pastels we have already mentioned which could be very vibrant but refreshing.

Pastels, gold and snow ‘covered’ Christmas tree and wreath in White home interior

Christmas Tree decorated in two colors: indigo blue and gold. Rustic handmade Christmas reef hanging on plastered patterned wall with simple white furniture. Work of contrasts and light scattered around.

Classics Reinvented meaning Tartan Reds and Natural Green Christmas Decor in 2020

Title is rather self explanatory and there is not much to say. Sometimes less is more so the easiest way would be to stick with 2 main traditional  Christmas colors – red and green. Not only it’s safe but can still be very elegant.

Top Christmas Home Interior Design Ideas 2020

In our particular example the ‘reinvented’ element would be use of red tartan pattern. It’s a little twist on the classics red checker which would be normally used in rustic cabin on log home interior design. Alongside with natural wood or dark paneled wood walls and wooden fireplace it looks stunning and definitely gets the distinctive traditional look. Well, ideally fireplace would be real instead of christmas tree lights… But hey, we all would love to have huge mansions or log home with natural fireplace but sometimes we need to work with what we have.

If you’re into classics and tradition you can’t go wrong with hand painted classics Christmas tree ornaments that will help you to enhance Christmas spirit even more. Some of our favourite brands would be The Bradford Exchange company when it’s about the ornaments, figurines and mantel decor as well as Villeroy and Boch and some of the Christmas baubles manufacturers (i.e. Vitbis) that can be put on mantel, shelf, side table or table top.


Handpainted Christmas Baubles by Vitbis

Source: Vitbis.com  Mark.waw.pl Duet2.com

Christmas Themes in 2020

No matter what the Christmas themes in home interior design are in 2020 really. The main idea with Christmas home decoration would be  listen to yourself and do whatever suits you rather than what is trending. It’s about feeling good, relaxed and cosy this holiday season.
Anyway, we hope you find these examples just a little bit inspiring and although it is still too early I wish you all Merry Christmas.

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