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First Post, Hi & Hello

Hi folks! We are so happy to launch our new site. ThatFoodRecipes.Site has been a project we were planning to start for a long time now. Finally, decided to go for it. Hope you like our new theme design? The site is powered on slightly customized Food Factory blog template from ThemeBullet (friendly design developers) in case you ask.

Getting back to project though we hope to publish here all the great recipes we have been using, testing and tweaking for years while cooking at home, various restaurants, tried in different countries. Our aim will be to publish only proven food recipes that work the best, are tasty and relatively easy to make. All with the twist. I guess we can validate our goals in couple of weeks time. In the meantime please don’t hesitate to leave your comments and please bookmark our site as we will be giving away some secret recipes 🙂

Not sure whether we are purist – the idea is to show off food dishes that are delicious, sometimes heavy ( we talking man-food ) and great fun!

All the best,
El Gringo

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